press office

We can provide a fully-staffed 24/7 press office service to help you outsource your media department.


What this means is that we would act as your press officers who would represent your organisation to the media.

Encompassing both reactive and proactive functions, we would deal with the national and regional print media, broadcast and online media on your behalf, handling all phone calls and requests from the press, liaising with different departments within your organisation and compiling statements which, once approved, we would issue for you.

On top of this, we would manage all the usual PR and communications functions for your business – from writing press releases to pitching to journalists with your organisation’s stories and campaigns.

We would arrange for spokespeople from your organisation to speak to the press and fully train and brief them. Alternatively, we can step into those shoes ourselves.

We would also monitor your media coverage, ensuring we were on top of your image in the public eye at all times, taking opportunities for you to comment on topics of interest to your business and making sure we were abreast of any sector or industry changes.

Generally speaking, our press office function is most attractive to large organisations such as private sector corporations, public sector and government bodies and charities.

Cost-effective and time-efficient, it works well for this type of organisation because they have multiple departments or divisions to manage.

This service allows you to completely outsource your communications delivery so we can become a key arm of your business – we can even work in-house when you need us to.

What’s more, our press office function runs 24/7.This means we take calls and manage issues and statements outside your normal office hours so your organisation can be extra responsive.

In short, as your press office, we will act as your proxy, keeping key messaging consistent and providing accurate, up-to-date information on your business.