crisis communications

Today’s media is instant. So if your company hits the headlines for the wrong reason its reputation could be shattered in minutes.


We help protect a business with crisis communications support that can include managing social media, writing statements, offering advice and putting in place a strategy for recovery.

We can also assess the risk to your business and train your most senior people so if the worst does happen you get the best possible outcome.

A media crisis can happen to all businesses, whatever the sector and whatever the size.

Sometimes what it is will depend on the business operation.

A multi-million corporation can suffer a data protection breach. A small restaurant could be accused of food poisoning. A sole trader working as a builder could be accused of shoddy workmanship.

Then there are things which could affect all three - severe weather, fire, crime and terrorism to product recalls, social media slurs and staff mistakes.

But in all cases, what can seem trivial to begin with can be blown out of all proportion once in the public domain.

We all know that reputation is everything in business.

And therefore when something threatens it, PR experts are the most valuable players in the game.

Sometimes we can predict problems on the horizon. Sometimes we can’t. But if we have systems in place to manage the fallout, we will be in a better place to minimise disruption when it happens.

That’s why we like to really get to know our clients when we start working with them. We like to know how they operate, what’s hot and what’s not in their sector and we establish chains of command, sign off processes and out of hours contacts.

This means that if a crisis occurs we can act quickly and proactively.

In the event of a crisis, we will work with you to devise quick communications acknowledging the situation and reassuring those involved that we are investigating. We will then support you with understanding the crisis details and brainstorming solutions.

Here we add value because we know how the story will be spun. We know that a badly thought-through quote could result in a reputation-killing headline and we know that if we stonewall we will look like we are hiding something.

The journalists on our team will work through the worst case scenarios, help you plan messages and statements to protect your business and give you suggestions on how to manage the media.

We can assist you to understand the public’s perception, their behaviour, their emotions, their thoughts.

We also have the skills in our team to manage your response to a crisis across multiple platforms.

Internally, we will give your employees an empowering statement to use universally if they are questioned.

Externally we will work with our contacts in the press to secure positive pieces of media coverage with reputable journalists, outlets and publications.

Finally, we will engage positively with your digital community on social media to keep key messages consistent.

You could bury your head in the sand and think this will never happen to you. But every organisation faces issues. And the way an organisation’s communicators manage those issues helps to define its reputation.

We respond quickly to neutralise an issue or crisis, protect your reputation and minimise potential damage in terms of public, media and stakeholder profile.

And we do it so well that often your firm can come out of it stronger than ever.