PR strategy

Planned PR is the most effective PR.

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A PR strategy should include an overview of your organisation and/or campaign, your aims and objectives, target audiences and messages.

It should also pinpoint what public relations and marketing activity you can achieve within your resources and budget.

All our strategies are SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Our aim is to help you use the stories in your business to connect to your target audience, increasing your reach and building your brand awareness.

But we believe there has to be a reason for everything we do. With every press release, social media post or feature opportunity, our sights are always set on the end goal.

We start by examining the individuals, groups and communities that have influence and decision-making power over your products or services. They are the ones you want to communicate with.

Once we identify these stakeholders, we research their behaviours - what publications they read, what websites they frequent, how they use social media, what makes them tick.

We then tailor your communication to suit them.

Developing key messages form a large part of this. These are the core messages you want your target audience to hear and are an important part of any PR strategy.

The best key messages are simple, concise and powerful and they are designed to drive your agenda.

Once we have developed your key messages, we use a range of tactics to achieve your PR objectives. 

From media releases to press conferences, email newsletters to social media campaigns, features in trade magazines to front pages in national newspapers, we set about delivering your message to the people we want to hear it.

To round off our SMART system, our PR strategy will be completed within a set time frame and will look at ways to measure the success of your activity.