In this digital age, where customers have a desire to consume content anywhere and anytime, our animations can help you connect quickly and effectively with your target market.


Here’s the thing. A recent study on video marketing found that that 53% of customers engage with a brand after watching a video on social media with people processing visuals 60,000 times faster than text, especially when the image is moving.

What’s even more interesting is that animated content in particular, grabs the attention of consumers in less than 1/10th of a second.

This is because animation is often used for entertainment so isn’t usually associated with marketing. This means consumers buy into it immediately because they trust the format.

What’s more, it’s a simple, easy and playful way to get across a message.

Most PR agencies are only just getting their heads around video as a way to communicate – let alone throwing in the odd cartoon.

But we are extremely lucky at Prominent to have talented artists and illustrators within our team who play a key role in our creative delivery.

They have the skills and tools available to pull together bespoke characters to complement your brand – and set them in motion.

This means we can bring your sales message or product explainer to life in a way that is engaging.

We work with you to understand your message before drawing up a story board and writing a script and our designer then pulls together an animation peppered with music-enhancers and voiceovers for a completely professional finish.

Our work has included cartoons, kinetic typography (moving text and graphics) and visual effects and we have worked with a variety of budgets. This means this type of service is accessible to all.

Time and time again we have received glowing praise for our work in this area as clients reap the rewards of our work.

They have found this to be a hugely effective way to tell a story, increase sales, present an idea or simply create a bit of a buzz – and we have enjoyed every minute of making that happen.

Every project we work on  is treated as a masterpiece in the making and our team dedicates skill and patience to each frame – making seamless content that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Want to include animation in your marketing strategy but not sure how? Speak to our team today.