How good communications can help your reputation in a digital age

Oliver Sullivan

Reputation is important – no more so than in a digital age where social media can be equally as beneficial as it is damaging. Here, account executive and former journalist Oliver Sullivan looks at why keeping a good image is more vital than ever.


I am not saying reputation hasn’t always mattered, but in a world where one tweet – just like a negative news story – could make or break a brand, maintaining a positive online presence is part of the parcel of running a business.

Today a 30-second Google search could be enough to unearth a crisis, let alone the discovery of a controversial tweet from a senior staff member’s younger years. A digital footprint that could take minutes to find has the potential bring an entire business to its knees – not just one person’s career.

And that is why maintaining a good reputation is vital. A well-handled response to a crisis can propel a brand back to the forefront of its industry and show the world again what it is to be a well-oiled machine.

But it shouldn’t just be in a time of crisis that you are concerned over how your brand is perceived in the press or on the myriad of social media apps.

So should you be afraid of a journalist?

Keeping a regular relationship with the press may sound daunting, but as a former journalist, I really can’t stress how important it is.

Press offices may not be a reporter’s favourite place – especially in the time of a tight deadline – but knowing a journalist has a dependable contact within your organisation who is always approachable works wonders for your brand.

That is one area we pride ourselves in here at Prominent, where our team of PR professionals and former journalists know how to enhance your public image.

From sending press releases showing off what makes a business stand out, to the odd catch up over a coffee, maintaining a good relationship with the outside world and those who share the stories is undeniably important.

It is the same situation for social media too.

Crisis communications are not meant to be pleasant experiences – it is called a crisis for a reason – but building that relationship helps to build conversation on both sides of the playing field. That creates a better outcome.

Having worked on countless crises on the other side, I can’t over-emphasise how a well-prepared statement can turn a story on its head.

It is through being open and empathetic – while maintaining the high ethical, economical and operational standards of your brand – that a crisis can be resolved. And that your reputation could come out greater than it was before.

How Prominent can help

Our team are well-versed in fields across the media industry – from battle-hardened PR professionals to former senior journalists who previously had the pen in their hand.

From keeping a regular and open presence on social media to regularly singing your praise in press releases to local, national and specialist publications, we know how to promote your brand to the digital and printed world.

In times of crisis, a concise, unconfrontational statement prepared by our expert team will make sure you come across in the best possible way while mitigating any fallout – be it from the press, your customers or the wider world.

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