Charlie Watkins Foundation

The Charlie Watkins Foundation was set up by Harry Watkins after his twin brother, Charlie, tragically took his life in March 2017.

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The goal was to increase mental health awareness across universities, particularly in men, as well as launch their online mental health platform, Chat with Charlie, which is funded by donations.   

Work included (2018):

  • Redesigning the website both on desktop and on mobile
  • Creating a bi-weekly blog on mental health
  • Starting a Twitter account to expand the audience
  • Creating a video of Charlie to help us with online promotion
  • Media training with Harry in preparation for publicity opportunities

Results (2018):

  • We worked directly with ITV East Anglia for the announcement of Chat with Charlie. It was the top news story at 6pm and shown throughout the day. This was a three minute segment
  • We worked with BBC Look East for the launch of Chat with Charlie during Mental Health Awareness Week. This was the lead story on the 6:30pm news and again at 10pm. This again was a three minute slot
  • We also worked with BBC Radio Essex for a three-minute interview with Dave Monk's Drivetime and secured two interviews with Dream 100 about Chat with Charlie
  • From nothing, the CWF Twitter account is at 462 followers
  • Our tweet on the announcement of Chat with Charlie has earned 10.4k impressions
  • In March 2018 alone, the Twitter page received 56.4k impressions
  • When we started the campaign, the Facebook page had 820 followers. This has now increased to 1,432.
  • The promotional video for CWF on the Facebook page is currently at 57,669 people reached and generated 23,000 views
  • We have had social media support from Lorraine Pascal (346k followers) and Jourdan Dunn who attended the Fighting for Charity event

Awards (2018):

  • Prominent was shortlisted at the CIPR Pride Awards for the Anglia, Thames and Chiltern region 2018 in the Not for Profit category for its work on the Charlie Watkins Foundation