Two years at Prominent.

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Marketing Manager, Abi Gagen, reflects back on her two years at Prominent.

I cannot believe the title of this blog. Only because it feels like it’s been longer! The team and I have squeezed a lot into that time and this is my chance to review my best bits.

PRide – a highlight not only for my time at Prominent, but also for me personally, has to be coming away with three golds and a silver at the CIPR PRide Awards for the Anglia, Thames and Chiltern region. I was very proud to also be named Outstanding Young Communicator of the Year. A title that has given me more confidence in the last seven months than I’ve had in my entire career.

Range – I am lucky to work on a variety of clients throughout both the public and private sector. This means that my days vary considerably and I am always kept on my toes!

Owning CPD – Make no mistake about it - I love learning. The past year has been the first time I have had to track my training through the CIPR and whilst its been a challenge to fit it all in, I have really enjoyed it. Taking time out to undertake CPD reaffirms your own belief in your work, as well as inspire you with new ideas.

This is an industry that is constantly adapting to changes. Technology and the way in which people obtain information is pushing the boundaries of what was historically defined as ‘PR’. With this in mind, I have a keen interest in the latest developments within the industry, analysing their potential impact and advising on how we should make changes within the business.

Mission – Being at Prominent has allowed me to believe that I can be ambitious with my aims for the future. We have achieved so much and it gives you the sense that anything is possible, it is down to us to go out and get it. So, in March this year, I decided to take on a challenge which will test me both physically and mentally. This September I will be running the Great East Run for the Charlie Watkins Foundation. The best part is, one of my team mates and MD has decided to join me for the ride. I don’t think I would have taken it on alone, but I am fortunate to be sharing this mission. The rest of the team have also pledged their allegiance by offering to be at the finish line with donuts!

Identity – It’s safe to say that I have come out of my shell at Prominent. I have found my identity and now, I can own it. I have been lucky enough to work on a pro-bono client that tackles issues close to my heart and as a team we share each other’s personal hurdles. I also have a voice, my opinion is trusted and we work in a place where we are not afraid to ask for help. I find myself very fortunate to be in a place where I can direct my own career path and I can help others make their own too.

New home – One of the biggest milestones over the past two years has to be moving office. This was a huge step for the business and one which has allowed us to grow in size. We also roped in facilities to paint a wall pink and put our name in big letters on the wall. They might be small visual changes, but it’s times like these where you learn to enjoy the little things.

Elections – one area of my public sector career that I hadn’t experienced before starting at Prominent. First up, the Mayoral election for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Also taking place on the same day was the County Council elections and the small thing of exchanging on my house. Most people might be annoyed about the late nights and potentially the early mornings, but elections are a very tranquil and happy place for me. We’ve had numerous since (including the snap General Election) and I enjoy working with this client immensely, they are good at what they do and that makes my job so much more enjoyable.

New brand – Goodbye to Prominent PR, hello to Prominent. We all felt that it was time to review our look, feel and most importantly, what we stood for. We built a new website, kept the pink but welcomed navy and grey to our corporate colours. Our skills are so diverse that it only felt right to stop pigeon-holing ourselves and I believe this was a good move. Actually, I have recognised that many businesses since, are also going down the same route.

Team – It just wouldn’t be the same without them. You know that gif with Ant and Dec about how you and your friends should have a reality TV show? That cannot be more poignant for Prominent. We burst into song, we have our own qwerks and when someone needs help, we have each other’s back. Oh, and if we are not at work, we are usually sending gifs over the whatsapp group. I couldn’t ask for more.


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