New team members bring the sunshine

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In the week that saw temperatures soar in Suffolk, we welcomed our two newest recruits. Here Helen Rudd finds out a bit more about the new starters – from how they take their tea to which music they will tolerate on the office Alexa.


Grace Harrison, 28, joins us from the events and hospitality industry in London and is taking on the role of our Senior Account Executive while Arlen James, 25, has left a career in radio broadcasting and journalism to become our newest Account Executive.

So what made you take the leap into PR?

Grace: “After what has been a very strange and difficult year, I was thrilled to discover that Prominent were expanding their team. Taking a role in a successful PR agency feels like the perfect next step for my career.”

Arlen: “Journalists call a move from news to PR a move to the Dark Side. Yes, on paper, I’m changing careers. But the reason why so many journalists choose to make the change is that the world of news and PR aren’t just similar - they’re almost identical. It’s just a little bit more friendly in PR!”

What do you hope to bring to Prominent?

Grace: “I am looking forward to bringing my events, sales, and networking experience to the team and to building strong relationships with our existing clients and hopefully some new ones in the future.”

Arlen: “What I have realised in the short time I’ve been here is that PR is very strategy focused. It’s not news for the sake of news. There is an objective – a point to everything you do. I hope to use my journalism skills to tell a client’s story in a way which meets their business goals. I also have experience in radio so I will be creating audio clips for our clients to help boost their PR coverage in broadcast.”

What have you picked up so far?

Grace: “We have been taken through a really rigorous training programme alongside trying to master the office tea and coffee order! So far I’ve got my head around a vast number of client portfolios, how the team manage crisis communications and how we work to a PR plan. I have also mastered that tea round – luckily most people are milk no sugar like me!”

Arlen: “Music taste seems to cause the most controversy in the office so I’m steering clear of asking for anything too wild. Generally speaking though, the team have welcomed me with open arms, from a two-metre distance of course, and I can’t wait to learn from them all and make the most out of this new chapter.”

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