My week of work experience at Prominent

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Not only do we offer Apprenticeships, we also welcome work experience students to Prominent Towers. This week, Emily Gilson, a broadcast journalism university student from Nottingham, joined us. Here are her thoughts on a week in PR.


Coming home for the summer I had four week-long placements lined up. Prominent was my final one (and secretly the one I was most looking forward to!). I had previously had a meeting with the ladies at the office earlier in the year and just from the feeling that I got when I was there, I was really looking forward to working in this professional, yet fun, environment.

Having already done two PR and Marketing based work experiences I had a rough idea of what to expected, but I was still interested to see what Prominent offered which made them different from competing companies.

Monday morning I arrived nice and early - so early I was there before anyone else! One by one people began to arrive, and I was shown into the office and where I would be sat for the next week. All of the ladies were so welcoming and chatty and already I felt very at home. Helen, the managing director, had already conjured up a list of jobs I would be taking on throughout my week all of which were jobs I hadn’t taken on before.

From the off I felt very involved in the work that was taking place. In typical PR fashion things were not as straightforward as seemed – a potential client had asked them to pitch the next day so I was chucked in at the deep end. I was given tender to read through and understand what needs to be taken into consideration when designing a marketing plan- something I had never done before.

Throughout the week I was invited to sit in on various client meetings where I was able to experience first-hand how Prominent would go about supporting a client’s objectives and what areas needed to be taken into consideration; press relations, target audiences, delivery channels and communication channels and social media. It was these meetings that helped me out most, as I saw how to think like a PR professional and know what questions needed to be asked and what questions needed to be answered.

I was given independent work in which I could showcase my skills. I was given press releases to write out, which, from the help of my previous work experiences I felt more confident to tackle, and research tasks looking into specific target audiences and the platforms we needed to utilise to reach them and promote a brand. It was on these tasks I was able to use my own initiative to decide what was relevant and irrelevant information.

I was also shown the digital marketing side of marketing plans. I was shown the software used to improve a client’s following on Facebook and Instagram and cut out the accounts that interact rarely with the client’s page. As well as this, I was introduced to social media post scheduling and the analytic information that supports Facebook pages. I was taught about information such as the number of likes the page has, how far the post reached, how many impressions it made and the number of people who engaged with posts. This was hugely helpful as it opened my eyes to see how to improve a page’s presence on social media and create a larger awareness of a brand.

I have enjoyed my week massively at Prominent and would recommend anyone to get in touch with the ladies here. They were so willing to help me learn all about PR and let me dabble into as many areas as possible. Not only did Prominent offer work experience to me but they had recently taken on two young students in an apprenticeship role, so even if you are slightly younger with an interest in PR, Prominent is definitely the place to try!

Thank you again to all the lovely ladies for helping me develop my interest in PR and put up with me for the week. I have learnt invaluable tips of the trade in this week which might not be available to me in a classroom.

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