My journey into PR

Keira Booty, PR Account Executive

When Keira Booty was undertaking work experience at the Prominent office in 2018, she never imagined she would be a PR Account Executive today. Here, she explains her journey from day one to day 672.


When I first walked in the doors of Prominent in August 2018, I didn’t even know what PR was. I hadn’t even heard of it before!

When I finished my Business Management degree, I had no idea which career path I wanted to follow and I had never had an office job before. I had worked in retail, sports and hospitality where I gained a multitude of experience, including life skills and transferable skills, but these job roles did not reflect the career path I wanted to follow or fit in around family life.

It seemed like every job advert that I thought could be suitable, required at least some level of previous office experience, which I didn’t have as a recent graduate.

So, when I was offered the opportunity to carry out work experience at Prominent I was thrilled. I didn’t have a clue what I was walking in to and couldn’t have imagined that first day was the very beginning of my new career path.

During work experience I assisted with a variety of different tasks that were totally new to me. I was overwhelmed with how friendly and welcoming everyone was and how willing Prominent staff were to help me learn and answer all of my probably, very obvious questions.

Following on from work experience, I was offered a job as Office Administrator for RB Media – Prominent’s sister company. Having carried out this job role for 12 months, I took a new position as Media Account Executive which was based around advertising.

While I enjoyed these roles, I couldn’t help but hearing conversations in the office that sounded way more intriguing to me than invoices, stationery and the sizing an advert needed to be.

My colleagues in PR never seemed to have a dull moment. There was always a buzz in the office and every conversation seemed to inspire new and innovative ideas. I wanted to be a part of that.

When the opportunity arose to take on a new position with Prominent, I grabbed it with both hands and I will never look back.

I have learnt my new role entirely working from home, thanks to the C-word. But it has thrown me in the deep end and personally, I believe I have learnt more efficiently due to having to try new things without being able to ask constant, probably very obvious questions.

I love working in PR as no two days are the same and every day, I learn something new. One day might involve managing social media accounts and writing press releases, while the next could be sending out newsletters and organising events.

I enjoyed kick starting my career at RB Media and am grateful for the experience, but I am excited to continue to develop my career with Prominent as a PR Account Executive.

If you are in the same position as I was almost two years ago, put yourself out there and try new things. You might find your dream job is something you didn’t even know existed.

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