Industry awards create a buzz for business

Golden Globes, BRITs, BAFTAs, Grammys and Oscars – we are certainly in the grips of the celebrity award season. Here Helen Rudd explains why such accolades should not be reserved for the rich and famous.


Back in 1998, Gwyneth Paltrow won Best Actress Oscar for Shakespeare In Love and managed to say the words “thank you” a whopping 23 times in her acceptance speech while choking back tears.

We all cringed.

And yet, we can all identify with that incredible rush of winning – of being chosen as the best.

What’s more – this is not a feeling reserved only for the darlings of Hollywood.

There are rewards and recognition available in every single vocation whether you are a one-man band, a fledgling entrepreneur, a skilled craftsman, a business owner or a limited company.

Entering awards can be hugely beneficial.

After all, they are not just about celebrating success - they also present a valuable opportunity to generate positive publicity for your company.

Even just being nominated can be the ultimate third-party endorsement for your business, and an award-win can not only be a seal of approval for all you have achieved, but it can be a way to attract more customers too.

On top of that, its a boost to employees who shared in that success and this can help with retention as well as attracting new talent.

Many people are put off entering awards simply because they find it hard to blow their own trumpet.

It’s true that how you craft an entry is key but there are experts who can help you to do this – like us.

We can properly showcase your business, highlight your achievements and make you stand out from the crowd.

And our track record is superb.

We have written successful award entries for clients across numerous sectors and around 80% of our award entries are shortlisted with 60% going on to win their category.

We are also award-winning in our own right – currently holding the title of Outstanding Small Consultancy in the Anglia, Thames and Chiltern Region from the CIPR PRide awards.

We accepted the win with less sobs than Gwyneth Paltrow but the same enthusiasm as Director James Cameron who, when handed his Oscar for Titanic bellowed the famous line from the film "I'm the king of the world"!

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