How Prominent will video content be?

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Do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook or Instagram of a morning and finding that before you know what’s happened you’ve spent the best part of an hour watching dozens and dozens of videos?


Over the last couple of years social media sites have been prioritising video content, and we can see why. It’s the perfect way to take in and convey massive amounts of information completely passively. In fact, sometimes it’s actively harder not to watch a video! For example, did you know that 65% of audiences watch at least three quarters of a video? That’s a lot more than can be said for text posts, which more often than not are given a cursory glance before scrolling on. Sites such as Facebook have even included features like auto play on timelines which encourages you to stay and keep watching, taking the action of even clicking play out of the equation.

With cheap and readily available video equipment sitting in pockets and desks across the world, we can now all be videographers to a certain extent. There are some great tips on how to best to use your smartphone to create videos online and most good computers come with some simple form of editing software. You can find tutorial videos for any video effect and trick you can imagine which will really help to raise the calibre of video you produce.

Incorporating video fully in to your marketing strategy is a fool proof way to engage with new businesses as well as existing clients. Adding video to your e-newsletters has been shown to increase click-through rates hugely and including video on your website improves your SEO no end.
Despite the fast pace that the PR and Marketing industries usually travel at, video has more than earnt its place within strategies over the last year so in a world where we’re constantly consuming video content, why aren’t we all making it?


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