How we can build rapport both virtually and in the meeting room

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Many of us have worked from home for more than a year now, rendering us experts in holding virtual meetings with colleagues and clients over Zoom, Skype and Teams. However, now offices are reopening, it can be hard to adjust to making personal connections face-to-face again. Here, PR Account Executive, Keira Booty, discusses how we can build rapport both virtually and in the meeting room. If you could pull up a chair and kindly put yourself on mute…


Speaking to colleagues and clients through your computer rather than face-to-face has been a challenging concept, and one that was suddenly thrust upon us back in March 2020.

When we were told to work from home where possible, it was a new way of working for many of us but one of the biggest hurdles was maintaining that connection with colleagues and clients.

Some people took to it like a duck to water. Others got trapped with a cat filter and accidentally went viral. However, after more than 12 months of virtual meetings, I think it’s safe to say that most of us have got the hang of it now.

However, now that offices are reopening and in-person meetings are back on the table, it can be tricky to know whether a face-to-face or virtual meeting would be the most beneficial.

So, how do you decide whether to hold a face-to-face or virtual meeting?

Firstly, what would be the most helpful for all parties involved?

In-person meetings can help to engage everyone’s undivided attention as all attendees are sat in the same room, which is perfect if you’re meeting with someone you haven’t met before.

There’s also clearer communication with a face-to-face meeting. At least two thirds of communication can be non-verbal, so you can learn a lot about someone by just being in the same room of them.

And let’s not forget that there’s no chance of a bad internet connection disrupting your chat!

In a virtual meeting on the other hand, you can screen-share documents, graphs and tables online for attendees to encourage discussion and brainstorms.

You can even record your meeting, enabling you to lead the meeting rather than pausing to take notes.

Plus, virtual meetings can save travel time and fuel costs and, with the removal of travel, it can fit nicely into your busy work schedule.

In summary

We are in a new world of work that hasn’t come without its challenges - but restrictions have meant that businesses have found new ways of working that could be more effective in certain situations.

Now you have some ideas on connecting through video calls and in-person meetings, why not connect with us? Give us a call on 01473 276126 to see what we can offer your business.

We will gladly welcome you into our meeting room or say hello on Zoom; whichever you decide you will get the most out of!

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