A day in the life of an Account Executive

Emily 24

Prominent’s newest recruit Emily Grimes discusses her average day at the office as an Account Executive.


I have to be honest, I googled how to write a blog like this. Typical ‘Day in the Life’ blogs are written as a timeline. For example, 7:00am, my alarm goes off, 7:15am I eat cereal, 7:30am I have a cup of tea. These seem kind of boring to me, but I figured I would give it a go.

It wasn’t until I wrote ‘I get to the office 8:45am’, that I realised… I can’t put a timeline on my work day.  Every single day in my job is completely different from the last, which makes it virtually impossible to try and decipher any sort of constants I might have. After racking my brain, I concluded that the only constant I have is making a cup of tea in the morning.  

So, what does an Account Executive do?

Well, there is no such thing as a typical day for me. Every day is different and diverse. I look after client accounts, but I am also the in-house graphic designer across all clients and the Prominent portfolio.

Being the offspring of two English teachers has given me the ability to write relatively well and reasonably quickly. In this job, I have managed to expand this skill to press release writing as well as just blogs. I also look at website copy to check if anything needs to be added or subtracted.

I manage a variety of social media accounts across our clients. This includes scheduling posts for the week and being reactive where necessary. I do research into each client to find out what their typical writing style is and replicate it as best I can, and sometimes I create social media graphics for them based on their branding guidelines.

E-newsletters are a big part of my job too. I create a variety of e-newsletters for a couple of clients to keep their customers in the know about their company. I also have a helping hand in media buying for certain clients.

So you see, my role is a bit of everything, it keeps me busy and that’s exactly how I like it. I enjoy building relationships with our clients, and I love knowing that I’m doing my best work for them. It’s even better when they recognise that too!

I guess this goes to show that an Account Executive sounds ordinary, but you do have the capability to make it extraordinary.


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